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Pasta of tomorrow is full with vegetables

Our pasta contains more than 50% vegetables

Made in Rotterdam

Where veggies meet pasta

More veggies, means healthy food

Colours makes it just more fun eating

Our pasta contains 50% vegetables 

Pasta of tomorrow

Our mission is to help people eat more veggies while having great food. We do this because we believe we need to work to help local farmers in producing crops with a larger bio diversity and to change the world of veggie misfits. 

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VeggiPasta - al-dente, rich flavours



Rich & Flavours

VeggiPasta means a delicious dish with more than 50% vegetables, ready in minutes. The taste of our VeggiPasta will make everyone a veggie lover!

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Healthy & Nutritious

VeggiPasta is rich in vegetable proteins, dietary fiber and slow carbohydrates. Full of the best micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. The fiber-rich slow carbohydrates ensure a slow digestion and are good for your intestinal health.

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Colourfull & Divers

Different vegetables provide different types and amounts of important nutrients. That's why we use many different vegetables to make VeggiPasta. That's why we have all these fun shapes and colors!

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Our events

Join our events for tasting and for enjoying a great evening with friends and family

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It's VeggiHappening! welcome to the Pasta party. We would love to hear from you, share ideas, questions and product feedback. Special requests are also welcome.

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