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Our pasta contains more than 50% vegetables

Made in Rotterdam

Beautiful delicious pasta made with love

Made in Rotterdam

Where the convenience of pasta meet the power of veggies

Pasta made for you

Pasta of tomorrow

We bring nature's diversity to everyday food through our VeggiPasta. We use vegetable varieties that are under-utilised, allowing farmers to grow various crops and improve crop biodiversity. Our VeggiPasta is the most convenient way to eat more vegetables.



Great taste and bite

The taste of our VeggiPasta will make everyone a veggie lover! Our bite is strong and our products are delicious. Enrich your meals with new flavours and vegetable combinations.

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VeggiPasta contains more than 50% veggies and full of the best micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. The fiber-rich slow carbohydrates ensure a slow digestion which keeps you going for a longer time.

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Our VeggiPasta is the most convenient way to enjoy more vegetables in every meal. And simple enough so everyone is able to make a delicious dish within minutes.

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Contact us

It's VeggiHappening! welcome to the Pasta party. We would love to hear from you, share ideas, questions and product feedback. Special requests are also welcome.