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Veggihap: the veggie movement 

VeggiHap wants to see a world where food production and consumption become more sustainable and stimulate food biodiversity.

We source for diverse vegetables, seeds and grains from local farmers and producers and use imperfect and surplus vegetables in our production cycle.

We develop and produce vegetable-based food products, that enable consumers to conveniently eat more veggies in daily meals and have a variety of delightful nutritious choice

What if we can make the food system more diverse? How do we reduce food waste? Why is comfort food often not healthy? Those were the questions that captivated both founders of VeggiHap. Both Sean and Pieter come from food and agriculture families, and found that these questions pose a common global challenge. A challenge worth fighting for.


Convenience veggies - easily add more veggies into your diet

Eat your vegetables please! This is a phrase we all have been told growing up and as adults, we silently keep telling ourselves. Eating veggies needs to be fun, exciting and tasty, and then more people will be able to eat the recommended amount of vegetables and more variety.
With VeggiPasta, you get a happy comfort food with “hidden” veggies - though you can’t escape the vibrant colours. With a wide selection of easy pasta recipes, we have made eating veggies convenient and exciting. 


Food biodiversity - more variety on the table

Eating more variety foods has a direct relation to better nutrition in your diet. This is something we strongly aim to make possible using more types of vegetables, seeds and grains in the production process. The more we can use, means farmer can grow more crop varieties, and then more nutritious food you can eat.
This simple relationship is the best way we can have a healthy ecosystem that supports plant life, animal life and people. We continue to make eating an experience that gives personal enjoyment and nourishment and at the same be the protector and driver for a better future.


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Local, Circular & Sustainable

We are right here in Rotterdam. Product development and production is done in Rotterdam and we super excited to be part of the revitalisation of R’dam Innovation District.
Ingredient sourcing is within The Netherlands, primarily to keep the foodprint as low as possible. When needed, the EU food market as part of our ‘local’ reach.
With vegetable sourcing, there’s a deliberate effort to use imperfect and surplus vegetables that would unfortunately never have reached the market; cutting down food waste and enabling nutrient recovery.
We aim and pledge to maintain these values and keep getting better at what we do and you are part of this journey. Anything is possible when the task is shared and there’s mutual admiration.