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Matooke Fusilli

with Cauliflower & Garlic Mushrooms


- 150g VeggiHap Matooke Fusilli
- 1/2 head cauliflower
-100g mushrooms
- 4 garlic cloves chopped
- 1 red onion
-1 tbs Butter
- Olive oil
- 1/4 cube veggie stock
- Thyme*
- Parsley*
- Black pepper*
- salt*
*to taste


Heat olive oil & butter over medium-high heat
Add garlic, shallots and sauté until fragrant
Add in mushrooms, combine, and season with salt and pepper
Add in cauliflower, and cover for a few minutes
Add 1 tbs butter and olive oil and sauté
Add in fresh parsley & thyme to taste
Add 1/4 cube of veggie broth to the pan and cover
Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook pasta for 5-6 min
Drain the pasta and add it back to the skillet with mushrooms
*keep some pasta water to add if needed
Serve and enjoy!