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Our story

We’re here to unlock the power of crop biodiversity for people and planet. While vegetables are sustainable, the current approach to mono-cropping isn’t. It negatively impacts our planet's biodiversity, soil nutrition, water resources and depends heavily on chemical fertilisers, all while narrowing our diets variety of micronutrients. It is our mission to unlock the power of crop diversity for people and planet. By creating food products from a diversity of vegetables that the planet offers, farmers love to grow, and people love to eat. Therefore we bring nature's diversity to everyday foods through delicious, convenient and nutritious veggie-based products.

50% more veggies - easily add more veggies into your diet

Enable a healthier diet - We want to make eating veggies convenient and exciting again. We believe eating veggies needs to be fun, exciting and tasty. This way we enable people to eat their daily recommended amount and variety of veggies.

Food biodiversity - more variety on the table

Promote crop diversity  - We strive to bring a bigger variety of vegetables, seeds and grains to the table and put mono-cropping to a stop. This is the best way we can turn the tide on climate change and recreate an ecosystem that supports plant life, animal life and people. By making great products that people love to eat, we enable farmers to grow more crop varieties, and this results in more nutritious food you can eat. Our circle of change.

Working together with farmers 

When we source veggies from farmers, there’s a deliberate effort to use imperfect and surplus vegetables that would unfortunately never have reached the market. This way we cut down food waste and enable nutrient recovery.

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