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Matooke Cavatappi

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Like our misshapen vegetables, Cavatappi are actually misshapen fusilli, created out of a mistake at a pasta factory. This new hollow corkscrew shape turned out to have a delightful mouthfeel and texture. That led us to combine it with Ugandan green cooking bananas also known as Matooke, that we source directly from farmers. The result is gluten-free, perfect bite pasta that pairs well with many sauces, and a perfect alternative for penne or macaroni. Enjoy this culinary adventure!

How we manage to make direct delivery to you. Minimum Order Note:

We have partnered with an eco-friendly delivery services. We are sharing the cost of this service, you are paying €1,98 and VeggiHap €2,92. This cost is ONLY possible with a minimum order of 1kg or more.

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